Articles and Blog Posts From August 2017

Are class actions worth it?

Class actions allow one or a few named plaintiffs (injured people) to bring suit on behalf of many injured people.  An example would be defective hip replacement units that have been shown to be bad.  The advantage is that one or a few cases are actually tried, and if successful, then a settlement is usually reached and money distrubuted to all the injured people in the "class" or group without individual… Read more

Talcum baby powder linked to cancer

After a long battle, a jury brought justice to a family whose family memeber died of cancer.  The jury found that the talcum powder the woman used was linked to the Ovarian cancer from which she suffered and ultimately died. Not unlike the cigarette cases, many times a manufacturer will deny a relationship between their product and cancer and only a lawsuit will really bring the truth and justice. At… Read more

Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters

As Texans along the coast prepare for potential severe property loss and risk injury or death if they don't evacuate, is there any recourse.  The answer is maybe. First, some people have property insurance that covers theses losees but many do not.  Generally, if you have a mortgage, the lender requires property insurance but many policies exclude damage from hurricanes or flooding.  If this is the… Read more

148 Million dollar jury award against city

The gravity of injuries is often only appreciated by the injured person or their family.  Real life pain and suffering is often only understood by the person suffering it. Last week a local Chicago jury, recognized what a plaintiff had to endure when it awarded $148 million dollars.  Jury instructions which are given by the judge to the jury, outline the elements of damages the jury is entitled to… Read more

Doctor found guilty of bad medical practice by State

When a medical error exists it is possible to prove it and have a civil case for money damages.  Typically a client will call Susan E. Loggans and ask if they have a medical malpractice case.  SEL & A has a  full time pysician working with the firm so a client can easily find out if they may have a claim. In this case, the State investigated and it determined there had been imporoper medical treatment.… Read more

Victory in 16 year old sexual misconduct case!

32 year old woman collects against unwanted sex aggressor for acts that happened 16 years ago. Sometimes its never too late to make the bad guys pay.  I was contacted by a woman who was mistreated 16 years ago.  She only recently realized how psychologically damaged she was from unwanted sexual activity.  This recent discovery allowed her to make a claim even though the regular time period had run… Read more