Traffic Cameras

Over time, traffic cameras have become more common across Illinois.  Red light cameras tend to slow down busy intersections. However, they are not just a deterrent for breaking traffic laws. Photo enforced traffic tickets are more difficult to appeal than a normal citation.

Motion-activated cameras detect speeding or vehicles that run through red lights. The camera will take a quick snapshot of the license plate of the vehicle and send it to the proper authorities. The photograph is then reviewed and a citation is sent to the person.

As with any sort of traffic violation, you have a chance to appeal. If you want to appeal a photo enforced traffic ticket, you should contact a practiced attorney.

Lawyer for Traffic Camera Violations in Chicago, IL

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Overview of Traffic Cameras in Cook County

Mechanics of a Traffic Enforcement Camera

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety states from data that 38 percent of traffic camera violations occur within 0.25 seconds of the light turning red. The other 79 percent occur within one second. Traffic cameras are generally accurate, and can catch cars going at very high speeds.

Most intersections have two traffic camera closely spaced embedded in the pavement before the stop limit line. The system will then predict if a particular vehicle will not be able to stop in time. Normally, the traffic camera will snap two photos of the event. The first photo shows the vehicle entering the intersection. The second shows the vehicle in the intersection.

A traffic camera photo will include the date, time, location, vehicle speed, and the amount of time elapsed since the light turned red. After the photos are taken, they are sent to local law enforcement. After the city's Department of Revenue reviews the photo, a citation will be given.

Traffic cameras have multiple purposes including:

  • Right turns;
  • Red lights; and
  • Speeding.

Traffic Camera Penalties in Chicago, IL

A red light camera violation is considered an administrative offense in Illinois. It is similar that to a parking ticket. Given that the citation was not given by a law enforcement official, it is a separate non-moving citation.

A non-moving citation is punishable by a fine in Illinois. Fines for traffic tickets vary, however they normally accost up to $100. If a person pays the fine they are pleading guilty to charges. Additionally, a traffic violation on your driving record may result in a significant increase in your car insurance premium.

Possible Defenses to a Traffic Camera Citation

Photo enforced traffic tickets may seem minor. Many people may tell you to just pay the fine and go on with it. However, there are ways to avoid traffic ticket penalties. If you contact an attorney, you may be able to avoid any consequence altogether.

Below are some possible defenses to your traffic camera violation:

  • Avoiding an accident;
  • Clarity of the photo;
  • Defective traffic light;
  • Blocked or absent warning sign;
  • The camera photo as hearsay;
  • A violation of the Sixth Amendment; or
  • Emergency driving.

Additional Resources

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Locating a Lawyer for Traffic Camera Violations in Chicago, IL

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This article was last updated by Jordan Anderson, on June 21st, 2018.