Multiple Vehicle Accidents

A multi-vehicle accident is notoriously more dangerous than common collisions. Normally, a multiple car accident results in a chain reaction. This means that many cars may be damaged due to one person's negligence. Accidents where there is more than one impact can not only be scary, but lead to confusing legal issues as well.

A large question in a multiple vehicle collision is who is at fault? The answer to this question can be hard to determine in a court of law.  However, a car pile-up can result in grave injuries. If a person is in a multiple car accident, it is important to not admit fault to the police and seek legal representation.

Attorney for Car Pile-Up in Chicago, IL

Have you been involved in a multi-vehicle or chain-reaction accident in the greater Chicago area? Do you wish to seek compensation for your medical expenses? If yes, then it is imperative that you call an experienced accident attorney.

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Overview of Car Pile-Ups in Cook County

Common Causes for Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Many factors can result in a car pile-up. Normally, it is a combination of causes that creates a multi car pile-up. A few common causes for multiple car accidents include:

  • Tailgating – This is very common in the Chicago area due to population density. Drivers tailgate when they are less than ten feet from another vehicle. Tailgating can easily result in a collision because of the automobiles proximity.
  • Rubbernecking – The definition of rubbernecking is when drivers look at another accident. Rubbernecking causes a distraction and can result in an accident.
  • Speeding – A very common cause for multi-car accidents. If a driver ignores the speed limit, their reaction time might not be fast enough to stop an accident.
  • Distracted Driving – With the rise of cell phones, distracted driving is on the rise. If a driver is texting, talking on the phone, eating, sleeping, or any other distracting activity they do not have full attention on the road.
  • Driving in a Construction Zone – Illinois roads and highways are familiar with construction zones. Often times drivers choose to not slow down in a construction zone and can cause a multiple vehicle collision.
  • Drowsy Driving – Drivers can sometimes be drowsy or fall asleep at the wheel. This is especially common for truck drivers. If someone is driving drowsy a multiple car accident may occur.
  • Inclement Weather – Chicago is no stranger to ice and snow. If inclement weather occurs it is harder to see or navigate the roads. Inclement weather raises the chance of car collisions.

Types of Chain Reaction Collisions

Multi-car accidents can be classified in three categories. Some types of accidents that lead to chain reaction collisions include:

  • Rear-End Collisions – This normally happens when drivers are tailgating. Vehicles collide with the stopped row of car in rear-end collisions. This can create a car pile-up.
  • Highway Crashes – Since highways require high speeds, multiple car accidents are common. Normally, a chain reaction collision happens when drivers swerve out of the way of stopped damaged vehicles.
  • Intersection Accidents – Intersections are commonplace for multi-car collisions. If a driver is speeding through an intersection and strikes another vehicle, they could start a chain reaction of accidents.

Who is at Fault in a Multiple Car Collision in Illinois?

A big question that arises in multi-car accidents is who is liable? Sometimes a car collision can happen so quickly that it is hard to determine. Not to mention, the other drivers do not want to admit fault. It is an expectation in Illinois for drivers to act reasonable and prudent on the highway. However, this is not always the case.

In Illinois, comparative laws determine who is responsible for a car accident. Illinois uses modified comparative negligence for recovering damages. The definition of modified comparative negligence is when the injured driver may recover damages only if he or she is determined to be less than 51% at fault. If a person is not more than 50% liable, then they can move forward with filing a claim.

Insurance companies can be complicated at times. The other driver may have their damage fines reduced to the degree he or she is determined to be at fault. For instance, if one driver is determined to be 70% at fault and the injured driver is 30%, the driver at fault may only have to pay 70% of damages.

If a person has been injured or involved in a multiple vehicle collision, it is in their best interest to get legal representation from an attorney.

What Should I Do After a Multi-Vehicle Car Accident?

It is common to be shaken and overwhelmed after a multiple car collision. However, if you are involved in a multi-car accident it is important to do the following things if able:

  • Check for Injuries, and Call for Help – Your first reaction should be to check yourself and the other participants of the crash for injuries. After this, you should immediately call 911 for assistance. Listen to dispatch and follow their instructions if you need to do medical assistance on someone at the scene. Wait for the professionals to arrive and help.
  • Stay at the Scene of the Accident – It is imperative that you do not leave the scene of the crash. There are strict laws against leaving the scene of an accident, and you could get a criminal charge for doing so. Even if a person is injured and you are able to rush to the hospital it is not wise. Call the authorities and wait for their instructions.
  • Move Away from Oncoming Traffic – If possible, move yourself and your vehicle away from oncoming traffic. You do not want to put yourself or others in anymore danger.
  • Gather and Exchange Information – If you are able, ask the participants of the crash their names, contact, and insurance information. If there are any witnesses nearby, it is wise to gather information from them as well. Taking photos or vehicles of the crash is advised as well.
  • Do Not Admit Fault – This is the most important tip to remember. When at the scene, do not admit fault to any crash participants or law enforcement. If a police officer wants an account of what happened, give them a concise version. Do not make any signed statement s before contacting an attorney.

The final tip not listed is to contact an accident attorney. A multi-car case can be very complex, and it is vital for you to have legal representation. Call an attorney as soon as possible after a car accident.

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Locating an Attorney for Multi-Car Accidents in Chicago, IL

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