Federal Tort Claims Act Litigation

If you have been injured by the actions of a federal government employee, on federal property, at a Veterans Administration Hospital, by the actions of a doctor at a federally funded clinic or by a federally funded medical professional practicing at a regular medical clinic or hospital, a complex series of laws known as the Federal Tort Claims Act may apply. The Federal Tort Claims Act of 1946 is a complex regulatory scheme that applies to claims and lawsuits brought against the United States Government. The Federal Tort Claims Act is an exception to the common law rule that the government or “crown” has sovereign immunity and cannot be sued.

The Federal Tort Claims Act contains specific notice and administrative review periods and other provisions regarding the jurisdiction and trial of these cases. If you fail to comply with the terms of the Federal Tort Claims Act, or provide proper notice to the appropriate parties, your claim can be barred.

If you have been injured by the acts of a federal employee, VA Hospital or a federally funded clinic, Susan E. Loggans & Associates may be able to help. For over 35 years, our Federal Tort Claims Act attorneys have worked tirelessly to obtain maximum compensation for wrongfully caused injuries. The Federal Tort Claims Act limits the time you have to file an administrative claim. If you have been injured, contact Susan E. Loggans & Associates at (302) 201-8600 or click here, for a free consultation.