Falling Objects

Injuries resulting from fallen objects can be very serious. Chicagoans know that construction is a part of city life. On the other hand, Cook County suburbs are more familiar with large warehouse stores. Whether it is debris or heavy merchandise, if an object falls on you it can leave lasting damages.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there were nearly 220 deaths as a result of being hit by a falling object. A store or worker zone has a responsibility to preserve safety on the premises. If you are suffering with injuries form a fallen object, it is time to contact Susan E. Loggans & Associates for a personal injury attorney.

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Overview of Falling Objects in Cook County

Falling Objects in a Construction Zone

Every year, about 4,000 construction workers are fatally injured on the job.  Fallen objects take up eight percent of construction worker deaths. The debris can range from tools to steel bars, and can result in severe damages.

Some common debris and objects that injure construction personnel include:

  • Broken Glass
  • Tools
  • Windows
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Large equipment

Responsibilities of Construction Companies

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have listed standards and regulations for contractors, foreman, and other personnel. These guidelines are designed to ensure safety to workers while on the job.  

It is the construction company's responsibility to ensure equipment is properly used, maintained, and secured. Additionally, proper training for workers is also required to promote safety. This includes teaching workers how to securely organize and tether their tools.

If an instance occurs where a worker is injured, the negligent party should be held responsible. A construction site without the correct training and maintenance is dangerous. Some causes for a construction site not meeting standards include:

  • Exposed electricity on the construction site
  • Unrepaired scaffoldings
  • Worksite filled with debris and harmful objects
  • Lack of protective gear for construction workers
  • Inadequately maintained work areas
  • Lack of training
  • Exposed electricity

To successfully file a claim your injuries must link to negligence in the construction zone. If your claim is valid, you may be entitled to worker's compensation. Alongside this, the victim may receive compensation for medical costs and suffering.

A construction worker injured on the job is entitled to file a worker's compensation claim.  An injured construction worker should contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

Superstore Liability with Falling Objects

No agency keeps records of consumer accidents resulting from falling merchandise. However, nightly on the news there are reports of people suffering from injuries at superstores, supermarkets, or other retail establishments offering bigger spaces and a greater variety of stock. Large retailers such as Costco, Lowe's, Walmart, Home Depot and Target are required to secure all their merchandise.

Most superstores are familiar with the "sky shelving" organization method. Objects that are so high up can cause serious injury. The velocity of the fall can make damages even if the object is small. On the other hand, large merchandise may not be properly fastened and tip over on a consumer. Some of these objects near a 100 pounds, creating massive injury and pain.

The deadliest part of falling merchandise is the chance it'll strike the head of the victim. Any type of head injury is very serious. Even light objects can easily cause a severe brain injury. Although, this isn't the only damage falling merchandise can create.

Some injuries from falling merchandise include:

  • Bruises or contusions
  • Lacerations
  • Crush Injuries
  • Fractured Bones
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Death

Responsibilities of Superstores

The vast majority of falling merchandise accidents could have been prevented. Any type of retailer must ensure safety regulations on their premises. Store owners have an obligation to ensure all products are stacked securely.

If a business owner does not properly protect its customers, they are being negligent. Every retailer should prioritize safety. If you have been injured due to falling merchandise, you may be eligible for compensation.

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OSHA Law & Regulations – Visit the Occupations and Safety Hazard Administration's (OSHA) website to view the law and regulations regarding construction zone safety. File a safety complaint, get whistleblower information, and get answers from frequently asked questions.

National Retail Federation – Visit the website of the National Retail Federation, the largest retail trade association representing retailers from the United States and more than 45 countries. Read on their safety regulations, policy agendas, and more.

Locating an Attorney for Falling Objects in Chicago, IL

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